MxNaija interviews yet another superstar who hails from the south south part of Nigeria.

Below are some questions asked about him so we could know him well.

Biography about Kelly Dion a.k.a Don Kelly.

Don kelly

32 Questions and answers with Dion


  1. Full name : Chukwudi Kevin Ofuokwu
  2. Nationality: Nigeria oo
  3. State of origin : Delta State..
  4. Religion : Christianity with Jesus
  5. Marital status : Single now
  6. Date of birth:
    I’m 18 years old that’s the only thing I think is wrong with me..Nov 2nd.
  7. Favorite food: hmmm rice and spag
  8. Any kids: not sure
  9. Role models : Hey, my dad I think.
  10. Influences in music and movies :
    OK lemme start with movies mmm
    Will Smith, the rock, Ramsey Noah.. Then music mmm Bob Marley.. I love all other artists but I get a whole different vibe with Bob Marley. I love Fela, 2pac, 2face, wizkid David burna olamide timaya Mr eazi etc. But I get a different respect fr Bob and this is because he spreads Love in a unique way.. I want to be better like him 🙂 hopefully more than.
  11. Graduate : yes I’m done with school abeg 😂😂
  12. How long have you been doing music?
    from 10years I guess i used to be into artwork till 10 I started enjoying Entertainment. I was once an MC and a dancer 😂😂😂
  13. Are your parents in support of your chosen carrier :
    Haha why not. Wasn’t easy tho but through God everything is possible. My dad loves n support me same as my mom. I love em too.. U know.
  14. Your siblings love your songs?
    Yea of course they do my family loves it though I don’t have idea who is genuine or not but I know my younger sister is a pain in the ass. 😂 But she supports…
  15. First child:
    Nah, 2nd child we are 4 kids of my mom
  16. Celebrity crush:
    I would say anyone that is fine
  17. How was growing up for you?
    Yea. People think everyone is enjoying because they look good. I don’t think anyone who lived my childhood would still have the sense I have now. I know what suffer is and I don’t like it. Not for who I love..
  18. Favorite games:
    Football, table tennis and scrabble
  19. Relationship life like?
    Not successful I don’t like worries I hope I get married even as a big man .
  20. Favorite song :
    This one hard o. But I’ll go with
    lean on me, no woman no cry, don’t worry be happy, because I’m high, nfana ibaga, yawa dey. Etc.
  21. Cars or planes:
    Planes mehn I don’t even know cars
  22. Blow job or hand job:
    What does it mean?
  23. Have you ever been in weird situations wrt music :
    Yes I have many times. I mean late night shows no where to sleep I treck or sleep in stairs. Don’t even get paid after shows then. One day someone called me to book a show I said ok 5k because I was close to the venue. You won’t believe what she told me, she said 5k was too much fr me to come perform… I felt bad but strong. And increased price that day…
  24. Any word for your exs:
    Yea God bless you all for being a part of my life.. Some of you Sha not all.
  25. Do you have any fears about the new generation music:
    Well, not at all I mean apart from the ones you already know there are more to know. Like my brother’s flashymojoboi, luisbenz, Maverick, Yung strikez, my son obele ganjaboy etc.. These are some classic musicians in the making and I hope we all make it.
  26. How is your fan base:
    Mm yeah I have fans I don’t know, the ones I know are wonderful but u know no cash no support. I have people who still ride with me even when I’m nothing.. I respect em.
  27. Boobs and ass:
    Lol I love everything big be it the boob or ass .
  28. Weed or cigarettes :
    First of all say no to smoking but I prefer weed I know why.. And no I don’t drink
  29. We noticed you answer sexyganjaboy too, can we know why:
    Lol I answer so many names like Kelly Dion, Don Kelly, Odile of the jungle, sexyganjaboy, Yahmino etc lol. I love the names. Sexyganjaboy is my brand in the near future
  30. Any record labels:
    Nah I’m my own CEO until I see a deal worth at least 500million naira. International or local.
  31. Any personal goals or team goals:
    Yea, personal goals buckle.. Team goal likewise and we are getting there.. S/o to coach Marah, mojoboiz, believe Entertainment team, etc. My dad mom family as a whole real gees too.
  32. Word for your fans in the future:…
    Yo Brothers and sisters . This is all for now. My motto is always:
    Impress the crowd, suppress defeat, express yourself.
    Thank you and God bless you all.


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