I want to specially appreciate all stakeholders who supported the effort to my emergence. In no particular order, special appreciation to the following:

a. Senior Comrade Egagifo Obaro – National President, FUPRE Alumni
b. Senior Comrade Daniel Oghenekevwe Gift – National Welfare Officer, FUPRE Alumni
c. Rt. Hon. Alexander Amos Adamu – Speaker, 3rd Legislative Arm, SUG, FUPRE
d. Senior Comrade Fayomi Chris Juwon – Director of Sport, 3rd Executive Council, SUG FUPRE
e. Rt. Hon. Olusola Ajibola (Jnr.) – Immediate Past Lagos State Chairman
f. Senior Comrade Nwosa Felix – National ASG, FUPRE Alumni
g. Senior Comrade Wilson Oseleme – National Secretry, FUPRE Alumni
h. Rt. Hon. Nurudeen Olanrewaju – National Publicity Secretary, FUPRE Alumni

I want to also specially appreciate the ELECO Members who worked tirelessly for a peaceful and well-coordinated election


a. Senior Comrade Daniel Oghenekevwe Gift – Chairman
b. Comrade Enye Winnifred Uche
c. Comrade Obayori Isaac – Secretary.

I want to specially appreciate all the outgoing executives who worked endless towards the full establishment of the chapter. It was a herculean task, but you all excelled

Alumni members.

I want to specially appreciate all Alumni Members who came from all around Lagos to support the vision of growth and prosperity (with special reverence to the earliest graduating set – you guys ROCK!). I wish I can mention everyone, but time and memory will fail me. I am greatly wowed by your show of commitment and solidarity. I assure you of my utmost commitment to ensuring we attain our vision for the association.

I want to also appreciate all contenders and my fellow executive council members, there could have never been a better team than you all. I humbly seek your immense support to drive the vision we all share together.

Newly elected exco

Finally, I want to appreciate my dearest queen, UVIEKUGBERE THERESA O’KEVWE. Thanks for all you did.


My vision as stated yesterday during the manifesto is “PROSPERITY FOR ALL”. I strongly believe that the strength of the association is the quality of its people, the knowledge they share and the collaborative drive to drive the vision they all hold. I also use this opportunity to seek your support to achieving all the good plans we share mutually.


As decided by the Executive Council Member in a brief meeting immediately after the inauguration, we have decided to return the members who purchased forms for the 2 vacant roles but were not present due to unforeseen circumstance – This appointment shall become valid immediately they share their acceptance speech on the Alumni WhatsApp platform which shall be accompanied by an official appointment letter from the Executive Council

a. Comrade Ogemdi Iheduru Paul – Publicity Secretary
b. Comrade Damilola Lawal – Treasurer


Comrade Ojinika Azubuike Progress, who led my campaign team, would immediately resume as my Senior Executive Assistant to support in all areas necessary for my role as the Chairman

Other aides would be duly appointed as the needs arises and the executive council members would duly advise as appropriate


Diplomatic Engagement Board, Membership Board, Board of Brand Advocates, Governing Advisory Council, and all other necessary committee would be appointed after due consultation of the Executive Council and Stakeholders.


While I desire to drop my pen here, I want to admonish us to be a proper ambassador of our Alma Mata wherever we find ourselves. Our University’s motto is EXCELLENCE AND RELEVANCE. Let us
strive to ensure we don’t portray anything below this as a minimum standard
I love you all!

ONNI, Joseph Yusuf



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