Sir Emilio and Wealth kalifa on the 24th of June 2020 drops Wants and Desires EP.

Want and desire where our mind and our deepest secrets collide emotions and artistry collide here perspectives differ emotions gather in this world of ours you might just suffer . When want and desire combine , we unleash feelings once hidden once locked away .

This ep promises to be a shocker because it talks about the emotional and physical day to day problems Which we face due to having wants and desires. This project is more personal than fictional having both artists been through drama and hidden difficulties male figures face on a day to day basics . The reason behind the name wants and desires go way beyond fame or monetary value it talks about vision , hard work, patience and dedication.

This Ep contains 6 mind blowing Tracks which would get you on your feet dancing.

All songs inside the Ep

All tracks on the Ep was produced by Akuz

Listen and download below.

Listen on Audiomack

Listen to all tracks on Audiomack

All tracks will be available for download in a week time.

Download Below

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