Emmie Crown on one of his previous articles titled ” when tears drop ” had over 700views, it was a life changing book that made us to understand how tears can be useful in the sight of God. He also wrote on another one titled ” The gradual process” which made us to understand the reasons we shouldn’t neglect some process to the top because whatever greatness you desire, must follow a due process. Alongside these two powerful books, he also wrote on “Secret Tears“. This was an heartbreaking message that gave us a deeper understanding of why some tears in the secret place flow down to God’s feet to move him into action.

Emmie Crown has written so many articles not to be listed here which has blessed thousands of lives from far and here.

Emmie Crown is here again with another powerful message titled ” THE PAIN OF EVERY LIFE


Every life is governed by principles as we already know and these principles are tied to the lifestyles of men, how they live, relate with themselves individually, and how they relate with the earth! The discovery of one’s life can be said to be equal to what a man would be. Every goal or every vision you desire must come through preparation and in the process of self discovery.

When Christ discovered his life, he knew his life won’t be a pleasurable kind of life, he knew the purpose behind his coming that was why he had the capacity to endure trails and tribulations. He endured pains during his stay on earth because it was needed to be part of his lifestyle to rule the earth as the son of God. How? Can I amaze you that there’s no life on earth that would not endure pains even if it’s for a while. There’s no life free of pains anywhere, don’t misinterpret me. The value of Jesus’s blood that redeemed the sins of mankind didn’t come through worldly pleasures but pains. The pleasures came came after he rose from the grave and abolished death. Men rejoiced because he rose from the grave. No pain, no gain, a wise man once said.

Notwithstanding, I know you might have been wondering what this pain is all about! There’s a popular saying that says ” na who wear shoe nai know where e dey pain am
” This shows that every life must be a product of pain and every life is a function of pain known or unknown to other men. Outside what you know about pain, it is far deeper than what you can ever imagine. It takes strong will to endure pain, not just determination or self motivation. There is value in pain and it is that pain that makes gain valuable in the sight of men and God!

Sacrificial Pain
It takes a sacrificial life to endure pain. Great men sacrifice things that would hurt them and make them sustain that greatness. It takes pain and sacrifice to sustain genuine greatness. Pain is valued only through sacrifice. The greater the head, the greater the headache because to sustain the seat of greatness, something must be there to keep the seat functioning.

Purpose and Pain
Any man that has discover purpose should be ready & willing to endure any pain that comes with fulfilling that purpose.

Ecclesiastes 8:6 Because to every purpose there is time and judgment, therefore the misery of man is great upon him.

When Jesus discovered that his purpose was to die and redeem mankind, he needed no one to tell him, that purpose his would require pain. If his blood didn’t flow, then nothing would have been available to wash away the sins of mankind. There are pains tied to every man’s purpose on earth! When you discover it, you’ll learn the tactics. when you discover it, grace would be made available for you to endure the pains that comes in the process of fulfilling destiny.


Emmie Crown is the founder of THE SCHOOL OF GREATNESS. He is a motivational / Inspirational Speaker and a writer, also a music minister and graphic designer. He is a muilti talented personality

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