The Osun State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party National Students Association ( PDP,NSA) under the leadership of Comr. Adekanmi Solomon Olalekan has frowned at President Muhammadu Buhari over the situation of things in the country expecially the present inflation caused by Buhari’s failure that has put the Citizens of Nigeria into sorrow.

It is crystal clear that Nigeria have been experiencing backwardness since President Muhammadu Buhari assume office, a lot of promises which were made during his Presidential campaign were not fulfilled up to this moment such as; #5,000 monthly salary for all jobless Nigerians, annual creation of jobs, reduction in the price of Petrol, stabilization of naira and other failed promises.

The inflation we’re currently experiencing in Nigeria is caused by Buhari’s incompetence, greediness, lack of knowledge and low understanding about Nigeria politics. Without any iota of doubt we would all agree that this Buhari led Government have betrayed the trust Nigerians citizens have in them and they’ve totally rejected the Buhari led Government.

However, the current inflation in the country has made the prices of almost everything to be increased such as; food commodities, electricity tariffs, Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) etc.. and these shows how backward we’ve gone since 2015.


The recent increase in Petrol price from 148 to 151 naira is a shame and big slap to President Muhammadu Buhari despite his fumbles to reduce the petrol price in his 2015 campaign manifestoes yet it keeps increasing everyday.

Part of the challenges Nigerians are facing during this Buhari’s regime is the increase in price of food commodities, Mr. President should know that a lot of calamities have befell Nigeria during his tenure, the situation of things in the country are getting worse almost every seconds and Nigeria citizens can no longer afford to be suffering because of one man’s failure.

Increase in electricity tariffs is also part of the calamity Mr. President has brought on his people. Many household who cannot afford the initial price of electricity bill have been forced to pay more than what they cannot afford initially. Funnily enough that a government who fails to provide constant electricity for its people is now increasing the prices of electrical bills.

On this note, the Osun State chapter of the People Democratic Party, National Students Association (PDP, NSA) calls for Buhari’s resignation as things can no longer be at ease and also challenge him to make public all accounts of how he has been utilizing the country’s treasure before things get out of hands.

Comr. Adekanmi Solomon Olalekan,

Comr. Adepoju Oluwaseyi T,

Comr. Adedokun Mathew,
Publicity Secretary.



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